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Equestrian Services

Shane Doyle Farms

is a New Jersey based firm engaged in the design, construction and restoration of riding arenas. Shane Doyle Farms provides specialized excavation services to private farms and equestrian facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and South Carolina. For nearly 20 years Shane Doyle has provided clients with high quality equestrian facility design and construction services, including property purchase consultation; facility and riding arena design layout; drainage system installation; underground utility installation; arena excavation, arena sub-base and base installation; arena footing installation; large acreage land clearing; pasture restoration; barn pad excavation and installation; and consulting services for all aspects of the design and construction of equestrian facilities.

Shane Doyle Farms specializes in the construction of indoor and outdoor riding arenas, the restoration and repair of riding arenas, and the installation of premium riding arena footing material.

Farming Services

Shane Doyle Farms

specializes in growing and harvesting premium quality timothy, orchard grass and alfalfa hay for horses. The Doyle family has been involved in farming for over five generations and continues today to harvest corn and hay on the farm in Hillsborough, NJ. At present, Shane Doyle Farms has 200 acres devoted to high quality hay and manages another 200 acres of clients’ private farmland, growing various crops and harvesting hay. Shane Doyle Farms provides pasture and field cultivation and restoration, applying soil testing and analysis, and recommending programs to enhance the quality and improve crop yields, or simply ensure high quality pasture for grazing horses.

Shane Doyle Farms has worked with land conservation and preservation groups as well as State, County and local Townships to provide land clearing, brush management, and no-till seeding services to remove invasive plant species, encourage native plant species, seed wildflower meadows and promote wildlife habitat.


founder shane doyle
D. Shane Doyle is the founder and managing member of Shane Doyle Farms L.L.C., a New Jersey based firm engaged in the design, construction and restoration of riding arenas.

With the experience gained through years of road and highway construction, Shane Doyle Farms has brought that knowledge to deliver specialized excavation services for equestrian facilities, private farms and residential properties. Mr. Doyle is considered an expert in the field of riding arena construction, including the installation of sub-base and base materials, the selection of different types of sand and footing material, and grass (turf) riding arena surfaces. Mr. Doyle has provided consulting services to the United States Equestrian Team, Olympic equestrian competitors, International riders and to premier show grounds and equestrian facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and South Carolina. In March 2003, Mr. Doyle was a speaker at Horses 2003 & New Jersey Horse Industry Summit Conference held at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ).

Shane Doyle Farms is regularly engaged to provide restoration and repair services to address drainage issues as well as remedy sub-base, base, and footing installation problems with indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Mr. Doyle was interviewed for the article “Build It To Last, Foundation And Drainage Considerations For An Outdoor Arena...” written by Lois Britten, and appearing in the November 2007 issue of Equine Journal.

Mr. Doyle is an avid horseman, carriage driver and is a member of several local, regional and national equestrian associations, including US Equestrian Federation, American Driving Society, Gladstone Equestrian Association and Friends of Lord Stirling Stables (Somerset County, NJ).

Over the years, Mr. Doyle has given his time to support organizations hosting Combined Driving Events. In support of Gladstone Equestrian Association and Lord Stirling Stables, Mr. Doyle donated time, equipment and materials to construct obstacles for combined driving events. In June 2005, Shane Doyle Farms constructed a water complex and bridge for the benefit of both the Combined Driving and Eventing competitions held at Horse Park of New Jersey.

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01 Design & Contruction of Equestrian Facilities

Riding arena construction, arena footing installation, arena laser grading & drainage solutions. Construct, upgrade and repair indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Expert on-site preparation and excavation services. Arena base installation to ensure proper slopes and grades. Drainage installation to minimize slow draining or standing water. Construct round pens. Installation of grass riding arenas.

02 Arena Footings and Arena Footing Installation

Laser grade and level riding arenas and surface footing. Install premium footing fiber material to riding surface. Experienced with a variety of footing material, and provide consultation on customized sand riding surface footing and fiber footing additives. Approved installer for GGT Footing.

03 Barn Site Excavation Services

Excavate barn pad sites, pads for run-in sheds, installation of utilities, drainage systems, septic systems, footings and piers. Install base for stalls, aisle ways and concrete floors. Install stone dust turn out paddocks. Establish and restore grass paddocks. Construct riding trails, water and bank jumps. Install driveways and access roads to pasture and paddocks.

04 Farming Services

Provide wide range of farming services including seeding, tillage and harvesting of crops. Maintain soil quality through applications of fertilizer, lime and organic matter to ensure premium crop harvest. Tillage includes discing, plowing, seeding with brillion and no-till seeders. Customized farming services provided to farm properties, equestrian facilities, municipalities and properties preserved for open space. Actively farm properties to meet NJ farmland assessment requirements.

05 Hay Harvesting

Harvester of quality hay. Harvest premium square bales of mixed grass hay for horses. Harvest straw for stable bedding and mulch hay for landscape and construction projects. Provide high quality grass hay to horse farms and equestrian facilities.

06 Specialized Property Services

Working with conservation groups, landscape designers and environmental consultants, provide mowing, clearing, brush cutting, seeding, soil treatment and removal of invasive or foreign species to restore natural landscape, open space, wildflower meadows and fields. Construct and repair ponds, trails and walking bridges. Install driveways and access roads to fields and meadows.

07 Manure Storage, Compost & Soil Erosion

Excavate and construct manure and compost storage facilities including concrete and block installation. Work with NRCS to install manure management structures on farms. Experience with soil erosion and remediation projects including grass and stone water way installation, sand and gravel pit restoration. Approved contractor with NRCS.

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